Rental & Fee Schedule

Application Fee: $100 (covers up to 2 applicants)

Covers costs for credit checks, background checks, employment verification, previous rental verification, and processing for up to 2 applicants/cosigners.
There is a $50 charge for each applicant/cosigner after the first two. Approval process is normally completed within one business day providing we receive background, employer and/or landlord replies in a timely manner.
This fee is non-refundable.

Security Deposit: Security Deposit amounts will vary by property and unit size. Please contact our office for more detail.

Lease Services Fee: $150 The Lease Servicing fee covers legal representation and clerical implementation involved in executing and maintaining the lease agreement.

It also covers the cost of labor, materials, postage, and delivery for correspondence for the life of the lease agreement, and allows our residents to take advantage of the available package reception service via Kahn Properties Main Office.
Apartments are NOT reserved unless the application fee, Security Deposit and Lease Services Fees are submitted at the time of the application.

With payment of the Application Fee and Reservation Fees, the apartment will be held in reserve during the approval process.
Once approved, the applicant will have three (3) business days to sign the lease in order to secure the apartment until the move-in date.
If the applicant is not approved to lease the apartment, the Security Deposit and the Lease Services Fee will be refunded.
Any applicant who is approved to lease, but then declines the lease, for any reason, will forfeit all fees.

Rent: Rent will vary by property and apartment size – please contact our office for more detail.

Utility Fees: Some properties have additional utility fees separate from the rent. These will vary by building and will cover different utilities – please contact our office for more detail.

Additional Occupant Utility Fee (monthly): $25.00 fee each additional occupant beyond the first occupant.

Animal Rents (one-time in advance): $300.00 for the first cat or dog and $200.00 for each additional cat or dog. No other animals are allowed without prior consent from our office.

No animals are allowed in furnished units. Not all properties take animals – Please contact our office for more detail.
Pictures, proof of vaccinations and flea/tick regimen are required with this application.
Assistance animals must be declared at time of application and must meet requirements of the Alabama Assistance and Service Animal Integrity in Housing Act.