Gayle Kahn Belcher, will provide the following services:

  • Act as Liaison between Seller and Buyer and/or other agents.
  • Request documentation deemed necessary to evaluate the property in order to submit a Letter of Intent.
  • Review/Submit Letters of Intent & provide responses &/or counter offers.
  • Facilitate the execution of a contract document between Buyer and Seller and/or their agents after the offer is accepted.
  • Submit an initial request for documentation deemed necessary to evaluate the property during the contract diligence period.


Due Diligence Contractor Service

Kahn Properties, Inc. will facilitate the Due Diligence process for the fee based on the size of the property, number of units, leases, contracts, etc. In addition to the standard fee, actual expenses will be billed back to the Buyer. (The fees are not pursuant to the close purchase of the property but are due for scope of services rendered).

Kahn Properties, Inc. will provide the following services in accordance with the contract to purchase the property:

  • Evaluate books and records, leases, service contracts, physical inspection reports, appraisals, loan documents, rental agreements and service contracts, or any other information requested by Buyer and report on the evaluation directly to the Buyer.
  • Evaluate any new leases, service or other contracts being considered during the due diligence period, and submit them to the Buyer and/or Buyer’s agents.
  • If Buyer wishes to hire sub-contractors, will assist in locating and will manage such sub-contractors to evaluate any major concerns, such as deferred maintenance, structural defects, and/or environmental conditions that would affect the value of the property and/or impact capital expenses either immediately or in the future.



As a service, outside the scope of the daily management of the property, Kahn Properties, Inc. provides Asset Management Services. This service includes:

Property Evaluation and Procurement strategies for Reserve Funds for future capital expenses and/or major repairs.
Locating contractors for specific projects to be performed on the property.
Monitoring of and Follow-up for special projects related to the property.
Risk Management reviews to be sure the property is covered properly.